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Janine Wiskind, MS, OTR/L
Atlanta and North Fulton
Janine excelled at quickly reading our child's issues and generating solutions that suited our whole family. She makes herself readily available to answer questions and her clinical knowledge combined with flexible practicality gave us confidence to guide our children toward healthy choices. - Katy P. .


Welcome to On Solid Ground Occupational Therapy Services

My mission is to partner with your family to support and empower you in your roles and daily routines through an innovative and effective treatment approach. My goal is to maximize your child's potential and facilitate a home that is happy and successful.

Are On Solid Ground Occupational Therapy Services Right for You?

  • Your child may have received a new diagnosis: Autism, ADHD,Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disability, and you are not sure of the next step.
  • You are feeling uncertain about your child’s development and/or behavior
  • Everything just seems too yucky, too itchy, and too loud to your child; OR you wonder how he fearlessly throws himself into objects and seems not to notice that it should hurt.
  • You may be successfully receiving therapies outside of the home but you are still unsure of how to manage your child's development, sensory, motor, behavioral, or emotional needs in the home.
  • You are concerned that your child is “falling between the cracks” at school and you cannot get the support you feel he needs.
  • You are researching ABA therapy and wonder which approach may be best for your family.
  • You are not sure if a purely behavioral focus addresses all the needs of your family.
  • You are looking for a family systems approach that focuses on the needs of the whole family.

If you answered yes to any of the above, call to set-up a consultation so we can determine if I can help you and your family stand firmly ON SOLID GROUND.

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Learn more about how On Solid Ground can enhance your child and families potential for growth,development, independence,and success. Let us assist you with any questions you have about how to take the next steps!

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